Terrawind Global Protection

We have the best personal accident and travel assistance insurance options, guaranteeing the best combination of coverage, insured amounts and assistance services.Our insurance will keep you safe from any adversity...


Terrawind Global Protection is a Traveler Assistance Company that provides comprehensive benefits to assist you with the least planned unforeseen events, accompanying you on your trip with the best and most complete network of Doctors, Dentists, Medical Centers, Hospitals and Emergency Rooms around the world ( North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Asia). Our coverage is guaranteed by HDI SEGUROS, a leading company in the insurance industry, with credit ratings that attest to its financial strength. With operations in more than 150 countries through branches abroad, subsidiary companies, peers and network partners.


Mexican company, focused on the development of health products and solutions, promoting effective integration, as well as the continuous improvement of our networks, in order to ensure the best service for our beneficiaries.



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Travel Insurance

These products are offered by VITAE TRAVEL powered by ALQUIMIADIGITAL.MX S.A.P.I de C.V. ("The Intermediary"). These insurances are operated and owned by the insurers TERRAWIND REPS S.A. OF C.V. (who has their own privacy policies that can be consulted link. As well the general conditions that can be consulted in the following link: Or ASISMED S.A.P.I. DE C.V. (who has their own privacy notice that can be consulted link. As well the terms and conditions that could also be consulted in the following link from now on (“Insurers” and / or “Assistants”) exclusively for Insured on the Vitae Travel site. The Insurers are responsible to the Insured for full compliance with the insurance terms and conditions, which is why, the Intermediary does not assume any responsibility for it. The terms, conditions, restrictions and exclusions of the insurance are clearly and accurately established in the contract and in the corresponding Insurance Policy that the Insured will receive from Vitae Travel. The Policy is governed based on the General Conditions of the Insurers.

The (“Insurers” and / or “Assistants”) are responsible to the Insured for the goods and / or services offered in this insurance; ("The Intermediary [G1]" only offers the option of payment for those goods and / or services, so it assumes no responsibility for them. Any claim arising from the goods and / or services offered by the Insurers, must be address to them.